180,000 views and counting!

December 15, 2018

The story exchange in action…
Still shot from the courageous story exchange in Springfield, Massachusetts. Photo: Upworthy.


Our amazing collaboration with the Boston-based WGBH (PBS affiliate) and the non-profit The GroundTruth Project resulted in this video from Upworthy which is rapidly making its way around the Internet. After only a few days, the short film already has 150,000 views! It’s part of the Crossing the Divide project which is changing hearts and minds all across the country. We are so proud to be able to work in tandem with these fantastic organizations. This footage comes from a story exchange in Massachusetts that was part of the #xthedivide project. We’re trying to reach 200,000 views and need your help – please forward it to your friends and post on social media!
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Master Practitioner Nominees…
Master Practitioner candidates never fail to feel the power of the story exchange. Photo: Narrative 4


This past weekend, seasoned Narrative 4 advisors from all over the world descended on New York City to begin the journey of becoming Master Practitioners (MPs). The keystone of N4’s programmatic plan for 2018, MPs are experienced story exchange facilitators who are being trained by Narrative 4’s leaders to conduct workshops in the field that will, in turn, be used to train YOU in N4 story exchange facilitation. Every day we are expanding N4 further into the world. Trainers came from South Africa, Ireland, Mexico, Israel, England and all over the United States. A big thank-you goes to the Einhorn Foundation for helping to make it happen!


MP candidates at the first official MP Training Weekend. Photo credit: Paul Cello


This incredible group of N4 ambassadors will bring all their skills and enthusiasm to helping change the world through radical empathy. Look for these faces in a community near you very soon, and please contact us to learn more about possible training sessions.