Global Summit

2016 “Broadening Our Reach” Summit

June 24 – June 28 2016
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Limerick, Republic of Ireland


This year, the Narrative 4 Global Summit will be on the move as participants embark on a peace journey from Belfast to Limerick. The exciting four days will include in-depth panels highlighting peace and the power of story, constructive workshops that will provide the tools to make lasting change, collaborative meetings designed to take N4 to the next level, and (of course) many story exchanges. These exchanges will not only deepen the ties within the Narrative 4 family, but will also provide opportunities to improve our core methodology so that many more citizens around the world may be reached in record time.

We have been working around the clock over the past several months to make sure participants land on something remarkable. This distillation of ideas, drawn from N4’s own authors and artists, can help us understand the past, discern the present, and find hope for the future. Let’s turn empathy into action and make a huge difference this year.

Stay tuned for a 2016 Narrative 4 Global Summit recap – photos, video, and more!


2015 “Deepening Our Impact” Summit

June 26 – 30, 2015 :: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut


2014 “Narrative 4 Life” Summit

June 27 – July 1 2014 :: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut
Presented by Karen Hollins and The Elizabeth Foundation

Image Credits:
Kelly Kingman
Maddie Molot