January 20, 2017

Last December, we launched our Empathy into Action (EIA) program with a weekend-long story exchange that transformed the US conversation on guns. Bringing together individuals from all across the country, the exchange challenged participants to empathize rather than debate on an issue that had deeply shaped each of their lives. New York Magazine featured our work in their year-end cover story with an accompanying and moving short video documentary that shows the power of our work. If you haven’t watched it, we promise that if you take a moment to watch it, you’ll be amazed by the strength of our participants, authors, students, and teachers.

Since the story, we have been filled with hope by the positive and generous responses from participants, observers, and readers. Today, we add this: Narrative 4 and New York Magazine have received a joint nomination for the Ellie Awards in the 2017 “Video” category. Since 1966, the Ellie Awards have honored innovative and noteworthy journalism across the country.

The 2017 nominees reflect the very best journalism in US print and digital journalism tackling the most pressing issues of our time. Our inclusion is a tribute not just of our great collaboration with New York Magazine. It is also a testament to the strength of your support for our work. The exchange on guns has opened up amazing opportunities for dialogue across the nation and was just the start of our year-long EIA program’s commitment to using narratives and stories to create change. Stay tuned.

Photos by Emilio Madrid-Kuser.

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