Our First Regional Summit

This October, two of our visionary schools in geographically and politically diverse parts of the United States set their sights on turning empathy into action via the powerful art of storytelling.

Part of a year-long project, Swain County High School (Swain County, NC) and the Ethical Culture Fieldston School (Bronx, NY) joined forces in NYC for excursions and workshops designed to explore literature, history, music, visual art and creative writing. And, of course, they exchanged stories in a moving story exchange. It was the first of two regional summits included in the project; the second will be in Swain County next April.

Read the full strategy behind our first regional summit here.

Scroll down for highlights.

President and Co-founder Colum McCann led the students through a once-in-a-lifetime creative writing workshop.

A celebratory dinner was hosted at ECFS. The students and teachers spoke about the summit’s impact.

Award-winning performance poet GiGi Guajardo led the students through a slam poetry workshop.

Swain County and Fieldston students bravely shared their stories in an affecting story exchange.

Students collage their partners’ stories.

The final day included a music workshop by two world-renowned musicians – Leah Siegel (Firehorse / Leisure Cruise) and David Gungor (The Brilliance). The students crafted a song that embodied their experience at the summit.