2018 Narrative 4 Global Summit: June 20-25 in Louisiana

Last year’s summit was covered by PBS. Check out the article here

The seventh annual Narrative 4 Global Summit will be held this year from Thursday, June 20th through Monday, June 25th in Louisiana!

The annual summit is the capstone of our yearly programming: it’s where N4 comes together. It is a time for us to continue to build our community of artists, educators, students and community leaders as we set the strategic direction for the following year. This June, on the heels of two summit gatherings in Ireland, we plan to provide our core leaders with the opportunity to dive deeply into some of the extremely complex issues dividing the United States of America today.

Louisiana offers a rare social and political and environmental ecosystem. It gives us ample opportunity to further explore our trademark radical empathy as we look to translate that empathy into transformational action. We hope to leave the summit refreshed, invigorated, motivated and better equipped to deploy N4’s core methodology and “special sauce” to even greater effect.

Together, in the brackish waters of the Mississippi Delta, we will explore some of the great themes of our age: faith, identity, immigration, violence and the environment. Here, we’ll experience a wide range of stories from remarkable artists, politicians, business leaders, activists and culture shapers—all urgently trying to make their world a better place. Our journey includes the vanishing lands of the First Nation communities of the Bayou, still-manicured sugar plantations, Acadian communities wrestling with religious persecution, jazz halls filled with joy and rebellion – much of the experience drawn from the rhythm and heart of history. We’ll get a first-hand glimpse at the jails and systems that have worked for – and against – its citizens. We’ll walk on levees that try – and sometimes fail – to protect an entire state. We’ll hear the music of history and activism.

During the five days we will call upon great friends (and some founding N4 members, including former Poet Laureate of Louisiana, Darrell Bourque) to give us access to remarkable experiences – both disruptive and inspiring – that will allow us to grow and stretch together in service of our mission to expand the lungs of the world.

June marks the 5th anniversary of the public launch of Narrative 4, so there will be the plenty of reasons to celebrate! Please check back for photos and updates!