Sting and Narrative 4: Empathy through Stories


We are honored and humbled that Sting chose Narrative 4 as one of two charities to feature during his 2016 Rock Paper Scissors tour with Peter Gabriel.

Sting helped launch Narrative 4 in Chicago in June of 2013. His unique ability to tell unforgettable stories through his music inspires so many listeners to experience a completely unfamiliar world. We couldn’t agree more with him when he says, “I think there is a wonderful consonance between our tour and the aims of Narrative 4. We’re stepping into each other’s worlds and stories to create empathy.”

Like us, Sting believes that empathy has the power to move mountains and bridge differences. Empathy takes enormous capacity—to listen carefully, respectfully, and intensely, in order to understand another’s story. Empathy doesn’t stop with understanding or feeling. Empathy inspires you to act.

N4 helps students harness their incredible stories into community goals. Our students are already turning empathy into action with the projects they identify through their storytelling, sharing, and listening.

Join us. Join Sting. Help us light up our future by building a generation of empathic leaders and citizens and giving them the tools to change the world.

Read Narrative co-founder Colum McCann’s essay on Narrative 4, included in the Rock Paper Scissors tour program.