Andres “Jay” Molina

Andres “Jay” Molina grew up in the Dominican Republic where he played minor league ball. In his late teens he left the D.R. for New York’s Lower East Side with dreams of going to college. Jay put school on hold, working twelve-hour days to support himself and his mother. He worked as a truck driver until becoming involved with the drug trade. After serving time in prison, Jay’s plans for a new life were thwarted by a rare lung condition that attacked his vital organs. In 2014 the condition took his ability to walk. Today, Jay is nourishing a passion for filmmaking and animation, and advocating for people with disabilities. His writing has been published in NYU’s Literacy Review, The Main Street Wire, and Wheeling & Healing. He’s a recipient of the 2020 NYC Mayor’s Office Safe In The City Grant. An OPEN DOORS Reality Poet, Jay is co-directing Fire Through Dry Grass, a feature-length documentary film about dehumanization, confinement, and creative resistance inside an NYC nursing home during the pandemic.