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August 26, 2016

This week, you’ll be hearing from Tampico, Mexico, where N4 students and teachers at The American School in Tampico (ATS) are at the forefront of turning empathy into action. Located close to the Gulf of Mexico, Tampico is a beautiful city with a proud history. In recent years, it saw a rise in drug-related violence. Still, in the words of N4 educator Maru Castañeda, the community has hope: “We haven’t let that fear take us away from our city. Little by little, we have been recovering. Now, we are doing well and we have our city again.”

In 2015, ATS invited N4 to help with their annual of “Week of Tolerance.” All 188 high school students and twenty faculty participated in a story exchange and were transformed by the experience. In Maru’s words, “The best part of a story exchange is to learn how to listen, understand, feel, live, and interpret the story that someone has given to you. To make their story your story.” Student Karla Monroy describes the exchange experience as “the beauty of being vulnerable but knowing you are safe.”

Photo courtesy of ATS Facebook

This August, we returned to Tampico to help 150 educators, administrators, and students brainstorm N4 initiatives to build empathy across grade level and academic disciplines. Students on the Student Council and in the National Honor Society will create a variety of N4 activities for the year to build community. And the entire school, led by Maru, will integrate the story exchange model to turn empathy into action through student service.

Photo courtesy of ATS Facebook

We can’t wait to see how students from ATS take their empathy outside of the classroom and change their neighborhood, their city, and the world!


Tomorrow's leaders must learn empathy today.

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