Brian Lindstrom

Brian Lindstrom’s award-winning films attempt to reduce stigma and reveal the humanity of people living on the margins. His most recent film was the NYT Op-Doc We Are Forbidden (2019) about the impact of menstrual stigma on women and girls in Nepal, which he made with his wife, Cheryl Strayed. Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse (2013), explores police accountability after members of Portland Police Bureau brutally killed a non-violent man with schizophrenia. Finding Normal (2007) follows longtime heroin and crack addicts trying to rebuild their lives with the help of recovery mentors. Mothering Inside (2015) focuses on the Family Preservation Project’s innovative work uniting incarcerated mothers at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility with their children. Like A Shield (2018) examines the trauma of arrest and incarceration from the point of view of children and mothers separated by the justice system.