Talias School 1

Everywhere There is Music

In Nazareth, in Nablus, in Tel Aviv. We laughed, we danced, we wept. We exchanged stories of hope, pain, and peace. Led by The Telos Group, with support from The Moriah Fund, our N4 delegation met with our partner schools and organizations in the Middle East and envisioned the world we want to create. And we were reminded of the universal human need to feel seen, safe, valued, and loved.

Sixteen of us, including staff members, artists, and key donors, embarked on our journey to the Holy Land. We learned the value of the pro-peace argument from Telos leader Greg Khalil and his remarkable team. We were given a glimpse of the complexities so we could see nuance in the political and social situations. We were challenged and we were questioned.

Everywhere we went was a stunning encounter with generosity. Doors were opened, our hearts were opened, our minds were opened.  We were reminded that peace is difficult, yes, but ultimately achievable, despite the walls in our way.

And in the course of our school exchanges we got to see what Narrative 4 does best—breaking down barriers and shattering stereotypes through the voices of young people who want to grow up in a better world than the one they have been given. It was incredible to witness these youth stepping into one another’s shoes.

For more on the music of our journey, read Colum McCann’s “How to be Hopeful” in The Guardian.