Educators need flexible, adaptable, and exciting classroom resources that develop students’ capacity for active listening, increased levels of empathy, and peer-to-peer education. Narrative 4 provides clear and easily applied models for project-based experiential learning that work anywhere, whether it be online or in a traditional classroom setting.

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We have a host of programs, activities and modules that will help you stay connected, meet new colleagues, and think about future partnerships in your communities that can help you leverage Narrative 4’s strengths in the fields of art, empathy and education.

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Narrative 4 in the Classroom

The Power and Impact of Empathy in Action

Upworthy Spotlights the Story Exchange

CBS News: Global push to break down barriers

Wondering how the story exchange model could work in your class? Here are some examples:

Leading with Empathy

May 4, 2018 WHO WE’RE WATCHING: N4 student leaders from NY and PA joining forces……

Students and police exchange stories on CBS Evening News

Breaking news … Narrative 4’s work to break down barriers between students and police officers was featured on the CBS Evening News! University Heights High School, a long-time N4 partner, collaborated with the New York Police Department to help begin to shatter the stereotypes urban youth feel towards police, and vice versa.

Police and Youth Relations: A New Chapter

November 30, 2017   WHAT WE’RE REPLICATING: Story exchanges improving police and youth relations… It’s…

180,000 views and counting!

December 15, 2018 WHAT WE’RE WATCHING: The story exchange in action… Still shot from the…

We’re Following the Students!

January 26, 2018   WHO WE’RE CHEERING: Students at University Heights High School in the…

Stories / Las Historias / סיפורים

March 14, 2018 WHAT’S IN STORE: The future of education… Students from Ort Shapira school…

Getting Started at Packer Collegiate Institute

Narrative 4 is in schools and communities across the United States, Mexico, South Africa, Ireland,…

Crossing the Divide

We had a chance to sit down with WGBH’s Rachel Rohr and Hillary Wells about…