“Right now not only as a nation, but as humans, we are divided. Whether it be the color of our skin or the things we believe in, it seems everyone has a problem with something.

But I believe, as people, we’re so much more than that. If we would just sit down with someone we have differences with and learn more about each other through the process of storytelling, the world would be a better place, one story at a time.”

–Ethan, N4 Student Ambassador, KY, US

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Empathy Eats: Thanksgiving with Floyd Central HS and University Heights HS

N4 Northeast Regional Summit Highlights

The Empathy Project at Narrative 4 Ireland

Our Field Exchange Program is an immersive experience designed for students from different backgrounds, cultures, and communities to explore one another’s homes and histories.

Through a year-long curriculum and two week-long trips in each community, students from our two visionary partner schools—University Heights High School (UHHS) in the Bronx, NY and Floyd Central High School (FCHS) in Langley, KY—cross state lines and cultural divides in an effort to build community, break down barriers, and shatter stereotypes.

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Narrative 4 + Shared_Studios

During our first field exchange program, we piloted a project with Shared_Studios. The project tested the limit of our ability to foster empathy with technology. Using…

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Leading with Empathy

May 4, 2018 WHO WE’RE WATCHING: N4 student leaders from NY and PA joining forces… Narrative 4 student leaders from University Heights High School (UHHS)…

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Students and police exchange stories on CBS Evening News

Breaking news … Narrative 4’s work to break down barriers between students and police officers was featured on the CBS Evening News! University Heights High School, a long-time N4 partner, collaborated with the New York Police Department to help begin to shatter the stereotypes urban youth feel towards police, and vice versa.

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Police and Youth Relations: A New Chapter

November 30, 2017   WHAT WE’RE REPLICATING: Story exchanges improving police and youth relations… It’s been a dizzying, wonderful year for Narrative 4, thanks in…

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180,000 views and counting!

December 15, 2018 WHAT WE’RE WATCHING: The story exchange in action… Still shot from the courageous story exchange in Springfield, Massachusetts. Photo: Upworthy.   Our…

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We’re Following the Students!

January 26, 2018   WHO WE’RE CHEERING: Students at University Heights High School in the Bronx, NY… N4 student leaders and facilitators at University Heights…

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