migraré Story Exchange

Friday, August 14- Sunday, August 16 (by invitation only)

Like literature, Narrative 4 guides us into the complexities of the stories of others. Storytelling awakens us to the beauty, tragedy, humor, wonder, variety, commonality and endless possibilities of human interaction. During these troubled times, we are humbled and hopeful to present a virtual story exchange on the topic of race and racial divides. This pilot project, which is modeled on our 2016 National Magazine Award-winning Guns and Empathy story exchange, will be documented so that it can be used as an educational tool to help change the narrative around race and racism in schools and communities around the world.  

Students from University Heights High School in the Bronx, New York and Floyd Central High School in Eastern, Kentucky will lead the three-day project which will be curated by N4 founding member Darrell Bourque, whose collection of poetry, migraré, conjures a vivid, poignant meditation on pressing issues of migration, difference and acceptance in the modern world. Other artists who will be advising the project include Iranian-American author Lila Azam Zanganeh and Jamaican-American author Marlon James.

The fundamental question is: What happens when, like the students from Kentucky and the Bronx, we actually get to know one another?   How do borders get taken down?  How do we shatter stereotypes?  And how can we —both together and apart—turn empathy into action on the ground?