Story Exchanges and Learning Models

THE STORY EXCHANGE: The core methodology behind Narrative 4 is the story exchange, an exercise in which individuals are randomly paired off and each shares a story that in some way defines them. Afterwards, each participant takes on the persona of their partner and telling their partner’s story in the first person.

The story exchange is based on the simple idea that by knowing the story of another, we are able to better understand one another. We take care to create a safe, neutral and well-supervised environment for all our story exchanges. Our facilitators are highly trained and we collaborate with guidance counselors, mental health professionals and people who care deeply about the welfare of our participants.

Because of our consistent success in fostering empathy and developing young leaders, our story exchanges have been featured in a number of international publications, including The New York Times Magazine, in “A Tale of Two Schools.”

HOW WE BUILD EMPATHY: There is a great deal of ground-breaking science behind what we do. We work with leading experts in the fields of emotional intelligence, psychology, narrative medicine, ethnographic studies and social justice.

LEARNING MODELS: N4 facilitates story exchanges between groups from all over the world. Alongside our partner schools and organizations, Narrative 4 offers educational experiences that tackle some of world’s largest education challenges. N4 learning models are tailored to meet the specific educational needs of their local communities. One of our many goals is to help lighten the very heavy loads our teachers carry these days, while looking to students to advise us on how they want to learn.

Our learning models meet the U.S. Department of Education’s Common Core State Standards for speaking and listening, reading, writing, and language. In addition, Narrative 4’s models foster students’ ability to communicate information clearly and effectively using a variety of tools and media in varied contexts. Most notably, the models give students a framework to value and demonstrate personal responsibility, character, cultural understanding, and ethical behavior. This cuts to the core of N4’s mission. In essence, our curriculum models promote a “culture of care.”

To develop our models, we work closely with educators, administrators, and students to write the most progressive curriculum that serves the diverse learning needs of students and targets authentic assessments and evaluations. Currently, we have designed and tested models with a host of schools in Ireland, Connecticut, New York, South Africa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mexico, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. We are also working on major partnerships in Arizona, Israel, Louisiana, Kentucky and Palestine.

Join us. Contact us for more information on our learning models and story exchanges.

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