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Narrative 4 + Shared_Studios

During our first field exchange program, we piloted a project with Shared_Studios. The project tested the limit of our ability to foster empathy with technology. Using our story exchange methodology and Shared_Studios’ audio/visual tech, we aimed to create empathy between students thousands of miles apart but separated only by a screen.

Shared_Studios’ Portals offer the chance to be “face-to-face with someone in a distant Portal live and full-body, as if in the same room.” The Portal_Inflatable is a soft structure containing no-lag audio and visual technology that allows those who enter to see a person in another portal.

We connected the field exchange participants in North Carolina to N4 facilitators in Mexico City using Portal_Inflatable. Participants told short stories about an object close to their heart. The power of story to create instant connection was palpable inside the Portal (pictured above). After meeting their Mexico City partners, one student wished “to give their partner a hug.”

Peer-to-peer global education is core to Narrative 4’s mission and we believe tools like Shared_Studios’ Portals will be vital as we use the story exchange to connect students from around the world.