One-Day Story Exchange CPD Facilitator Training

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Limited free places in our acclaimed 1-day CPD training in Limerick
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Free for teachers, €150 for youth/community workers.
Some bursaries may be available.

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Narrative 4 Ireland’s The Empathy Project is funded by the Social Innovation Fund Ireland. It trains secondary school teachers and youth workers to run the Story Exchange in their classrooms. The CPD (Certified Professional Development) training consists of a one-day training with follow-up. The Story Exchange is an evidence-based methodology, which teaches young people social and emotional skills and improves well-being. The Story Exchange increases peer support and instills a sense of resilience and belonging by reducing feelings of isolation. Getting young people to share stories breaks down barriers, builds trust and reinforces the idea that they are not alone.

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The one true democracy we have is storytelling. It goes across borders, boundaries, genders, wealth, race — everyone has a story to tell.”
– Colum McCann,
Narrative 4 Co-founder & President

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Who is Narrative 4?

Narrative 4 (N4) is a global nonprofit that harnesses the power of the Story Exchange to equip and embolden young adults to improve their lives, communities, and the world. N4 is a leader in the fields of empathy and education, using their trademark Story Exchange to

navigate and heal our divided world. Backed by a vast network of artists, educators, and students charged with a mission to cultivate “radical empathy”, N4’s work focuses on the broad, yet intersecting, themes of faith, identity, immigration, violence, and the environment. N4 ambassadors around the world are creating tangible community improvement with personal stories as their foundation.

Narrative 4 facilitators are key to the Narrative 4 story exchange. They lead the preparation, facilitate the exchange, and guide the reflection process. Facilitators are both the servants and leaders of a group; participants look to facilitators to meet the group’s needs and to lead them safely and bravely through the process.

Every story exchange is guided by a certified N4 facilitator. By completing this training, individuals become certified N4 facilitators and are deputised to begin facilitating Story Exchanges in their classrooms, organisations, and communities.


Narrative 4 facilitators:

Narrative 4 facilitators are key to the Narrative 4 Story Exchange. They lead the preparation, facilitate the exchange, and guide the reflection process. Facilitators are both the servants and leaders of a group; participants look to facilitators to meet the group’s needs and to lead them safely and bravely through the process.

The Story Exchange:

Preparing – A host, working with a Narrative 4 facilitator, organises a group of participants, identifies objectives, ensures a safe space, and builds trust through communication.

Pairing & Sharing – After an introduction to Narrative 4 and an explanation of the Story Exchange, the facilitator pairs participants and gives them time to share their stories, encouraging participants to actively engage with their partner and listen to the story.

Exchanging Stories – After a break, the facilitator reconvenes the group in a circle and asks each participant to retell his or her partner’s story in the first person.

Reflecting – The facilitator initiates a group debrief about the feelings, impact, and lessons from the story exchange, and then creates a sense of closure.


Participants will be asked to:

  • Acclimate themselves to Narrative 4’s website and work before attending.
  • Tell a personal story of their choice (story prompts will be offered).
  • Receive and retell another person’s story.
  • Participate in creating and cultivating a brave and a safe space for storytelling.
  • Reflect on the experience.
  • Share insights from their own experience with facilitation, if applicable.
  • Consider ways to integrate the story exchange into the classroom and community.

Targeted skills include:

  • Empathy building.
  • Deep listening.
  • Perspective taking.
  • Effective communication.
  • Recognizing personal judgments and staying out of judgment.
  • Self-awareness Introspection and outrospection.
  • Cultivating courage.
  • Effective facilitation techniques.
  • Navigating challenging group dynamics.

This Workshop aims to:

  • Explore the purpose, benefits, and risks of empathy in a divided world.
  • Allow you to experience the power of facilitating Story Exchanges in their classrooms,organisations, and communities.
  • Create community connection.
  • Explain the role of a facilitator.
  • Identify the essential skills of a successful facilitator.
  • Teach deep listening skills.
  • Offer the N4 Facilitator Toolkit and resources in order to utilise in the field.


This project will benefit those who:

  • Wish for an authentic experiential learning experience
  • Aim to develop social emotional learning
  • Desire to build classroom or community cohesion
  • Want to promote positive school, workplace, and community climates
  • Strive to cultivate courageous conversations
  • Encourage civic responsibility in students and community members



“Narrative 4 has enabled my students to broaden their horizons. The focus on creating real world connections is invaluable in developing emotional intelligence among a generation that sometimes struggles with this. Storytelling is a force for social change”
– Paula O’Sullivan – Secondary School English Teacher at Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh

“It was an adventure into another wavelength of life.”
Tom Hanly, participant in Intergenerational Story Exchange.

“Both Marc and I work as a team for Narrative 4 story exchange sessions. We both really wanted to train as Narrative 4 facilitators because we felt it would be a very effective tool, particularly when working with some hard to reach young people. Gaisce works with a broad range of groups across the country, so we felt that the Narrative 4 material would be very useful when working within the youth justice sector and with young people in the asylum process”
Niall Barrett, Staff at Gaisce- The President’s Award

“I’m thankful for N4 because it has truly changed my life. I try and approach situations with empathy and I see the world in a different light now”
Alex M. – Student Limerick, Ireland

“When you show empathy to someone else and they show it back you kind of connect with them on a better level”
Aidan – Student Limerick


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