Register for a Free Online N4 Event

We are delighted to invite you to an online training session designed to support you during these times of isolation and social distancing. We have a host of programs, activities and modules that will help you stay connected, meet new colleagues, and think about future partnerships in your communities that can leverage Narrative 4’s strengths in the fields of art, empathy and education.

For a complete schedule of events please visit: http://www.narrative4.com/live

Intro to Narrative 4 Webinars
During this session, we will share the stories, testimonials and hard data that explain the impact behind the work we’ve been refining for years. We hope you’ll join us for a very productive, informative and fun event!

Virtual Story Exchanges
The story exchange, the core methodology behind N4’s work, highlights our shared humanity. In this online workshop you’ll experience the story exchange firsthand. Every story exchange is guided by a certified N4 facilitator. Instructions and story prompts will be shared upon registration. Sign-up and connect with participants from around the world!

Who is Narrative 4?
Narrative 4 is a global network of educators, students and artists that uses art and storytelling to build empathy between young people while equipping them to improve their communities and the world. Our core methodology, the story exchange, is designed to help students understand that their voices, stories, actions and lives matter, and that they have the power to change, rebuild or revolutionize systems.