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PBS NewsHour profiles N4 Global Summit

At last year’s annual Narrative 4 Global Summit, members of the Narrative 4 community from around the world gathered in Limerick, Ireland to discuss how N4 is scaling its methodology of story exchanges, while turning empathy into action. Over 80 participants from 10 countries joined us, including Larisa Epatko from PBS who documented the summit. We were fortunate to be able to sit down with Larisa to talk through the summit and N4 in general.


Malak Lahham and Ben Vilensky from Israel (Nazareth and Tel Aviv, respectively) listen to one another’s stories at this year’s global summit while in Ireland.


Videos, interviews and stories of the summit were featured PBS News Hour. They included accounts of how story exchanges lead to empathy, and how we can turn empathy into action. Malak Lahham shared her story of going through security at the airport and Colum McCann described his trials when faced with adversity.

The practice of learning someone else’s story well enough to retell it as your own builds an intimacy between the participants, and might spark a desire to do something more within the community…