N4 Regional Manager JD

Narrative 4 is Hiring!

Narrative 4 is hiring Regional Managers (RM’s) in the Northeast, Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and the Southeast regions of the US. Each RM will be responsible for managing the growing success of Narrative 4’s regional operations within their region. RM’s will report to the U.S. Director of Regional Operations.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for meeting ambitious goals for programmatic growth and should be a highly motivated individual with a deep willingness to experiment and innovate in pursuit of the highest-impact way to sustain impact. The goal of the RM position is to build empathy among young adults in the region by effectively managing and building relationships with N4 community leaders, educators, and school partners.

The RM will manage a team of educators and community leaders who recruit, train and advise new story exchange facilitators. The RM will track programmatic data to grow a network of story exchange participants and story exchange facilitators while ensuring quality of programs and sustainable impact in communities.

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