SCHout Your Story!

February 14, 2018

The students…
SCH students connect and share laughs after the story exchange.
Photo: Polly Kimberly
The story exchange is the centerpiece of SCHout, Springside Chestnut Hill’s (SCH) multi-school daylong diversity conference near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The conference took place early this month and reaffirmed the power of our N4 student facilitators. Trained by N4 advisor and ​Master Practitioner ​nominee ​Polly Kimberly, the students co-facilitated in groups of three for their peers.

“This year, more than any other, was a super-powerful experience for participants,” said Polly. “Kids got vulnerable, and as a result, they made strong, authentic connections.”

After attending the Master Practitioner training in December, Polly returned to SCH and implemented what she learned. She says that the new facilitator techniques were a key to this year’s success: “It led to the students going extra deep when they modeled the exchange. They developed a sense of investment that might have been less obvious in other years.”


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The Irish Papers…
Narrative 4’s office in Limerick, Ireland.


The Irish Examiner profiled Narrative 4 in its recent article, “Is our empathy failing us?”The Examiner‘s Elizabeth O’Neill sheds light on our efforts to build empathy and spark collaborative change. After identifying today’s empathy deficit, she asks, “Is it possible to create a world where people simply care more?” Our answer is a resounding yes.

“Empathy is the ability to step with agility and decency into the shoes of someone else,” says N4 Co-founder and President Colum McCann. “It is also the ability to find ourselves in the stories of others.”

O’Neill interviewed McCann along with Regional Director of N4 Ireland, James Lawlor and Director of Global Programs Lee Keylock for this provocative piece.


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Marlon James and Colum McCann in conversation..
Author Marlon James. Photo: Getty images


Colum, National Book Award winning author of Let the Great World Spinand author Marlon James, who won the Man Booker Prize for A Brief History of Seven Killings, discuss the need for literature in today’s world. In a radio conversation they highlight some of the stories that have shaped their works and consider the role of folklore in creating a common narrative for the world.
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