Sheri Parks

sheri-parks-1Sheri Parks is Associate Dean for Research, Interdisciplinary Scholarship and Programming for the College or Arts and Humanities, a professor of American Studies, and director of the Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy at the University of Maryland at College Park. Dr. Parks has delivered workshops and worked with organizations and colleges across the United States. A public intellectual, she has appeared frequently in national and international media including the BBC, NCB News, CNN, including Anderson Cooper 360, Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, Parenting Magazine, NPR and other international media. Her most recent publication is Fierce Angels: Living with a Legacy from the Sacred Dark Feminine to the Strong Black Woman. In the book, now in its second edition, Dr. Parks traces the archetype of the nurturing and strong Sacred Dark Feminine from early creation stories, through religion, literature, and in the secular version of the Strong Black Woman, into popular culture, and includes interviews with black women about the roles’ uses and costs. Fierce Angels was an Editor’s Pick by Essence magazine.