Springing Forward!

March 7, 2018

N4 TV…

We believe the leaders of tomorrow must embrace empathy today.

Check out our new video starring some of the incredible N4 advisors from all over the world! Filmed on location in Limerick with our partners at Piquant Media last June, the film is the “narrative for” Narrative 4. Like what you see? Tell us on Twitter!

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“California I’m coming home” – Joni Mitchell
Thacher students soaking up some sun and empathy. Photo credit: Karen Hollins.


Last month, sixteen students at The Thacher School opened more doors for Narrative 4 California alongside three of their teachers. Samantha Hollins, a junior, said that “as soon as the exchange was over, I could tell how grateful everyone was to have participated and what it meant for each of them to have been involved.” We’re confident Samantha and her peers are going to lead the way in their community and around the entire state.

In fact, a few days later we leveraged our contacts in the area and hosted another program in Los Angeles. California is rocking and rolling, so to speak, and we invite you to contact us to find out how to host an event in your community!

Spring came early this year…

“The story exchange teaches us the power of speaking from your heart.”

The Limerick Spring Festival of Politics and Ideas in Limerick, Ireland was a jam-packed week of talks and workshops aimed at inspiring “hope in uncertain times.” Our N4 hub in the city center played host to five of the festival’s events – most notably a night of stories called “A Narrative for Limerick.” Six participants from Ireland, Syria, Poland, the United States and India modeled an N4 story exchange for a packed audience in order to illustrate the power of inhabiting someone else’s story and demonstrate the power of radical empathy.

The story exchange led to a lively conversation about the role of stories not only in prose, but in politics and in our individual lives. N4 ambassador Vicki Nash said, “Not only did I empathize with my partner in a profound way, but I also learned something about myself, which is extraordinary … and teaches us the power of speaking from your heart.”

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