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March 14, 2018

The future of education…
Students from Ort Shapira school in Israel and Amity High School in Connecticut during a virtual exchange. Photo: Taliah Nathanson

“…bridges have been built.”

What do you get when you combine stories and technology? A better education.

Technology allows us to travel thousands of miles in a nanosecond. It also gives students the opportunity to interact with others around the world.  In this new age of (age-old) storytelling, our master practitioners continue to leverage the Narrative 4 network in their classrooms. Recently, students in Tampico, Mexico and Floyd County, Kentucky exchanged stories (in both Spanish and English!), and just this week, 28 freshmen from Amity High School in Connecticut and 26 juniors from Ort Shapira school in Israel connected virtually.

“The students loved it. Reaching out to someone so far away brought about an immediate connection. It’s like bridges have been built,” says N4 Master Practitioner nominee and teacher at Ort Shapira, Taliah Nathanson.


Students from the American Tampico School and Floyd County High School
meet in cyberspace. Photo: Maru Castañeda


The virtual story exchange is one tool in our ever-expaning educational toolbox. We use artwork, music and all sorts of story-based projects to continue student connections during – and after – the school year. Highland Park teacher and N4 Master Practitioner, Faisal Mohyuddin, commented, “These projects will be cherished as mementos of an incredibly positive and fun experience. They serve as symbols of the new relationships that are emerging between the students and our schools.”

In the end, it’s all about breaking down barriers and shattering stereotypes. As one student from the American Tampico School reflected: “Even though [our exchange partners] live in a different country, we have the same problems and we feel their stories as if they are our own.”

Our future is in their stories.

A student in Illinois creates story-based art for her partner in Tampico, Mexico.
Photo: Faisal Mohyuddin

Student-led webinars…
N4 student ambassadors exchange ideas and update each other
on their work in the field. Photo: Katie Stumbo


Last weekend, N4 student ambassadors from around the world reconnected to update one another on their lessons from the field. Organized by Floyd County (Kentucky) High School rockstar Katie Stumbo, the webinar was advertised on N4’s Facebook page and was open to the public. The next webinar will take place in June just before our annual global summit.  Please like our Facebook page and don’t miss it!

Tomorrow's leaders must learn empathy today.

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