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Students and police exchange stories on CBS Evening News


Breaking news … Narrative 4’s work to break down barriers between students and police officers was featured on the CBS Evening News! University Heights High School, a long-time N4 partner, collaborated with the New York Police Department to help begin to shatter the stereotypes urban youth feel towards police, and vice versa. This is the tip of the iceberg and we’d like to thank the students and officers for stepping out on a ledge and growing wings on the way down. You are ALL heroes.

Our work to connect students and police started in Baltimore, Maryland in 2016 with the Baltimore Stories Project – another amazing initiative that we’ve implemented due to your generous support and interest.  The CBS clip above highlights the second story exchange between the Bronx students and police officers and we plan to continue our work with the NYPD and a host of schools around New York City. Watch here.