Welcome Facilitators!

As you may know, Narrative 4 is an inclusive, global  organization comprised of world-renowned authors, artists, innovative educators, students, and community activists that want to change the world. And we pride ourselves on this fact. Every voice matters in our heterogeneous family, just as every story matters! Our vision? Fearless Hope Through Radical Empathy.

As our Mission illustrates, we create a narrative for social change on the belief that  we see the world and ourselves differently through the exchange of one another’s  stories. Stereotypes are shattered; barriers are broken; the next generation of empathic leaders created. Along with any great mission comes great reward and great risk. This is why we establish and align ourselves with empathetic, dedicated, professional, and farsighted people – people that want to create the safest spaces possible in order to get the best results from our program and our participants. Our partnerships are broad and include not-for-profit and humanistic organizations, community leaders, educators, students, and those closely embedded in the arts.

Each facilitator is trained as part of our developing accreditation program, and  through professional development days, individuals experience first-hand the story exchange and its inherent power. We partner with funders that believe in our pioneering work: Esquire, Amazon, the Bezos Family Foundation, tinypass, Picador, the Elizabeth Foundation, and The American Ireland Fund to name a few.

We are about legitimate and authentic educational experiences and American education has some lofty goals: to ensure that all students master the necessary skill sets in various disciplines as well as help produce civic minded, responsible, empathetic, and kind individuals with a keen global awareness—individuals that see humanity and the world as bloated with promise. Narrative 4’s vision and mission are not only anchored in these goals, but drive them. Because of this, educators and students are paramount in our family and we work intimately with schools throughout the United States and the globe (Ireland, South Africa, and Mexico…).

Currently, the Narrative 4 model has been adopted by Newtown High school, CT, and has been written in to their 11th grade curriculum. We invite you into the conversation regarding our growing curriculum and the many needs that need to be met. Tough our footprint stretches far and wide in only one year; we are currently rolling  out our program in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, and North Carolina (with Arizona, Louisiana, and Maryland on the horizon). The future? The universe!

Our success is largely due to our range of partnerships; for example, we work  closely with the sciences – notably people in the field of emotional intelligence. Current research suggests that humans are hard-wired for empathy and that it can be stimulated and taught. Our liaisons with Yale University and the University of Maryland help us measure the impact and progresses we make through our work.

We urge you to get acquainted with our website and our vision: Fearless Hope Through Radical Empathy. We encourage your interest and your potential partnership with us. And we certainly encourage you to contact us in order that we can all play a greater and more positive role in our communities. These are exciting times and we are proud to say that we are helping develop the next generation of civic-minded and empathetic leaders—our future citizens of the world.