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The devastating shootings at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School made all of us sit up and pay attention to school safety. Led by our director of global programs and dozens of his student and educator colleagues from all over the Nutmeg State, we are starting to see some significant changes that we can implement all over the world.

We view Connecticut as one of our programmatic strongholds due to Lee Keylock’s history and vast connections in the state. Lee worked as an English teacher at Newtown High School for 13 years, and literally felt the shock of the Sandy Hook massacre. His introduction to Narrative 4, by way of his friendship with N4 co-founders Colum McCann and Lisa Consiglio, is truly unique and is a testament not only to the Narrative 4 program, but also to the belief that fearless hope can spring from tragedy. To read about our Director of Global Programs’ union with N4, go to The New York Times article, “Colum McCann’s Radical Empathy:”

N4 student and educator-advisors from Connecticut, including, Joanna Diaz, Anna Baxter, Sarah Clements, Sophia DeVivio, Bethany Dubois, Genti Limani and Alondra Marmalejos, have repeatedly tested our programs over the past two years. Newtown High School has officially incorporated our model into its curriculum.

We have built a solid partnership with incredible people from Yale University, Southern Connecticut University, the University of Connecticut and Connecticut College. On this page, you will see our plans unfold as we dive deeper into the field of emotional intelligence, strengthen our curriculum models and apply them to the Common Core State Standards, launch a first-year experience for college freshmen, and design our second annual global summit.


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