Narrative 4 Ireland

limerickNarrative 4 Ireland is pivotal to the growth of our organization. Under the leadership of N4 advisors James Lawlor, Sarah Little, Ivan Hyde and Sheila Quealey, and with the help of  authors like Joe O’Connor, Roddy Doyle and Glenn Patterson, we are building our first national expansion prototype here. N4 leaders recently visited Limerick, Dublin and Belfast to explore opportunities and launch our programs with the help of several individuals and institutions.

The Irish have a long tradition of storytelling going back to the time when every clan had its own oral historian or “Seanchaí,” whose job was to observe, contemplate and then memorize the stories he was told so that he could retell them to his community. In the retelling, the story was passed back to the people and recorded in their memories as permanently as if they were set in stone.  Irish history has been preserved through this delicate, yet eloquent oral tradition and Narrative 4 Ireland is happy to help carry it forward.

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Left Video: James Lawlor
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