Narrative 4 Massachusetts

On a beautiful autumn day in 2014, Narrative 4 conducted a story exchange between Harvard students and Rwandan youth in front of a live audience. The event took place on the campus of Harvard University, and featured I Debate Rwanda (IDR), an organization that encourages the post-genocide generation to think and speak a better world by promoting advocacy, leadership, self-esteem and confidence. We already knew we wanted to take our programs to Rwanda, but we left Cambridge ready to include The Bay State in our plans with the help of N4 educator/advisor and Massachusetts resident, Mary Chick.

The exchange ended with a discussion led by Susan Cook, Executive Director of Harvard’s Committee on African Studies, and Dr. John Mugane, Director of Harvard’s African Language Program. Mary Chick participated in the exchange, as did Dr. Amy Banks and Dr. Judith V. Jordan from The Jean Baker Miller Training Institute at the Wellesley Center for Women. Amy and Judith are helping us understand the science behind what we do as it pertains to the neurobiology of relationships. According to Amy, our story exchanges provide an authentic and wholly original way to “nourish our neurological pathways for connection.”

We continue to work with several leaders at Harvard, including Sarah Banse from the Center for African Studies, and Cara Solomon at the Human Rights Program and the Immigration and Refugee Clinic at Harvard Law School. Our contacts in Massachusetts have helped us identify over 100 future N4 facilitators who joined us for a professional workshop in Cambridge on April 3rd.





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