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Narrative 4

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Narrative 4

Read our 2019 Annual Report! See where we’ve been, where we’re going, and what your support has helped us build.

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1 week ago

Narrative 4

Handshake Across the Niger: A Civil War Story Exchange. It's happening on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, at the Exhibition Pavilion, Area 10,Garki, Abuja, at 5:30pm. Register at tiny.cc/storyexchange

A message from Buchi Onyegbule, Narrative 4 Nigeria:
"If honest conversations have become tough to have in our fragmented polity, why not art? Why not stories? No debates or postulations. Just personal accounts.

This is a Narrative 4 initiative that seeks to employ personal stories of the Civil War as a means to build bridges for us to cross the Niger.

Nigeria is home to generations for whom ethnic identities function as an ‘otherness’. Perhaps the most visible of these divisions is what is referred to as a mutual disdain and distrust between major parts of the South Eastern and Northern Nigeria. Causation for this is well known – the events leading to, and the Civil War of 1967-1970.

These sentiments therefore, have become fodder for populists, hate merchants and politicians to exploit, fan and leverage upon to cause crises, divisions and, many times, outright bile and hatred.

One of the toughest convos to have across socio-geographical zones, is the Civil War. The conversations are done largely devoid of empathy as they oscillate around claims of total victimhood, villainy or sainthood.

The stories will be exchanged across Gender, inter-generational and inter-regional/sides. The aim is to ensure that the key missing ingredient is found – Empathy.

Join us at the Civil War Story Exchange as we use stories in building bridges to cross the Niger to extend handshakes.

Why is this important? I'd tell you. The next day, the 15th of January 2020,will mark the 50th anniversary of the end of the Civil War. We have spent enough time in our enclaves.

Let's cross the divide today and extend that handshake. Join us to share today, and change tomorrow."
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4 weeks ago

Narrative 4

Check out some student voices from a recent story exchange at Seton Hill University!!

Master Practitioner Christine Cusick shared: "For this exchange I partnered with my wonderful colleague Dr. Emily Wierszewski and her English class titled 'New Voices.' The class focused on reading narratives from immigrant and refugee voices. I facilitated an exchange with the class in September and then they planned an evening community exchange between students, community members, and our immigrant neighbors.

We also worked with our colleague Dana Elmendorf who teaches Art Therapy. We integrated an art prompt and shared gifts of clay with all participants so that they might capture their experience in visual form.

There were 'empathy arts' for children, rock painting, food, and 'empathy buttons'."

All photos were taken by student Lauren Kosslow.
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