Narrative 4 is a global organization driven by artists, shaped by educators and led by students. Our core methodology, the story exchange, is designed to help students understand that their voices, stories, actions and lives matter, and that they have the power to change, rebuild and revolutionize systems.

Narrative 4 creates dynamic opportunities for students to get together, meet amazing authors, musicians, and artists from around the world, explore new cultures, and learn how to become global leaders.

"Narrative 4 has opened my eyes to how sharing stories can lead any community to acceptance of others and open-mindedness. Since I discovered Narrative 4, I’ve become a better version of myself. I have changed in the way I see people, conflicts and whole communities. It’s inevitable after hearing their stories."

–Malak, N4 Globetrotter, Israel

"If you had asked me what was possible in this world a year ago, I probably would have been like, ‘Well, nothing’s possible because this world is in shambles.’ Since I’ve been introduced to Narrative 4, there’s literally nothing I can think of right now that I think is impossible."

–Lauren, N4 Student Ambassador, US

Image: Jonathan, N4 Student

Educators need flexible, adaptable, and exciting classroom resources that develop students’ capacity for active listening, increased levels of empathy, and peer-to-peer education. Narrative 4 provides clear and easily applied models for project-based experiential learning that work anywhere, whether it be online or in a traditional classroom setting.

"Narrative 4 is not here to change your mind. N4 tells us, ‘You can hold on to the integrity of your beliefs and understand somebody else’s at the same time.’"

–Mary Slone, Educator, United States

“We sometimes can live in a polarized world. Oftentimes, adolescents in general feel marginalized and a profound sense of powerlessness. When students listen to others, have empathy for each other, and think critically, they’re going to go on to impact the world.”

Hazel Joseph-Roseboro, Principal, United States

“Narrative 4 leads us back to the art of listening and storytelling. It is the essence of any and every human connection. N4 needs to be an integral part of every school’s curriculum from kindergarten to 12th grade. It is a life changer.”

Taliah Nathanson, Educator, Israel

Image: Mary Slone, N4 Educator

Artists can have a profound effect on society by showing students that everyone’s story has value.  Through Narrative 4, artists around the world are using their greatest skills to help educators and young people think more deeply and broadly about how they can make bold changes in their classrooms, communities and the world.

"The one true democracy we have is storytelling. It goes across borders, boundaries, genders, wealth, race—everyone has a story to tell."

–Colum McCann, N4 Co-founder and President, and international bestselling author of Apeirogon

"Narrative 4 means a lot to me because I think it is really one of the ways for people to get to know each other on a human level. It allows people to walk in each other’s shoes, but also just to see each other’s humanity—acknowledge it and recognize it in a deeper way. And I think that’s what’s missing in the world."

–Ishmael Beah, N4 Artist and critically acclaimed author of Little Family

Image above: Sting, N4 Music Chair with Charles Miles, N4 Master Practitioner

Sting launches Narrative 4 in 2013 onstage in Chicago

Our work is more important than ever during this time of economic uncertainty, COVID-19 and civil unrest. In response to the times, we are launching four Empathy-into-Action (EIA) campaigns designed to help our key partner communities most in need.

These campaigns will continually reaffirm the conviction that we can navigate and heal our divided world if we act together to change, rebuild and even revolutionize failed systems.


In partnership with Tomorrow’s Youth Organization (TYO), we are working to help seriously at-risk families in the West Bank, Palestine. COVID-19 has taken a brutal toll on many of these families, and TYO has turned its youth center into a crisis center and their teachers have voluntarily turned into rapid response coordinators.

Port Elizabeth

South Africa
Our first long-term EIA project takes place in one of the world’s poorest and most marginalized communities in the world: Joe Slovo Township in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We are working closely with students and educators there to spearhead and fund a “Trash to Treasure '' campaign designed to change the narrative of this community.


New York, USA
University Heights High School (UHHS) in the Bronx, New York, has been a leading N4 institutional partner for seven years. Located in one of the poorest congressional districts, this visionary school has worked alongside us to pilot a variety of projects that we are beginning to scale globally, one being the field exchange with Floyd Central High School (FCHS) in Eastern, Kentucky.

Eastern Kentucky

Floyd Central High School (FCHS) in Langley, Kentucky has been a leading N4 institutional partner for five years. Located in the heart of Appalachia, this visionary school has worked alongside us to pilot a variety of projects that we are beginning to scale globally, one being the field exchange with University Heights High School (UHHS) in the Bronx, New York.