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Broaden perspectives and build community. Narrative 4 is changing the world, one classroom at a time. Bring us to yours.

Launch N4 in your school — start here

You’ll be assigned a dedicated Narrative 4 Advisor to guide you through our simple, five-step process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact your regional representative
  2. Collaboratively build your N4 partnership plan
  3. Participate in a Story Exchange
  4. Complete Story Exchange Facilitator Training
  5. Lead Story Exchanges in your classroom

Get in touch with a
regional representative

Bring Narrative 4 to your school. Get started by finding the dedicated regional representative nearest you. Live outside our regional hubs? Email

Northeast U.S.

Jen McCool

CT, PA, DE, MD, DC, and OH

Allison Lerman-Gluck

ME, MA, NJ, NY, NH, VT, and RI

Southeast U.S.

Evan Barker

AR, TN, KY, WV, VA, NC, and SC

Jahi Mackey

LA, MS, AL, TX, FL and GA

Midwest U.S.

Alex Krafft

ND, SD, MN, MI, IN, and IA

Christina Pearce

IL and WI

Pacific Northwest U.S.

Taï Schroeder

WA, OR and ID

Southwest U.S.

Taelor Lewis

CA, AZ, and NM

Narrative 4 has transformed the lives of our students and it has transformed the culture of our school. There are fewer suspensions and students graduate at high rates and they learn not only to listen and to value each other, they also learn the power of their voice and the power of their story.

Hazel Joseph-Roseboro, Principal,
University Heights High School, The Bronx, NY

The fabric of our communities gets a little more tightly woven with each story exchanged and every bond created. I think we’re all changed by the work
of Narrative 4.

Amanda Waters, Ph.D., N4 Master Practitioner
and Multicultural Specialist, Staff Psychologist, University of Connecticut

Narrative 4 leads us back to the art of listening and storytelling. It is the essence of any and every human connection. N4 needs to be an integral part of every school’s curriculum from kindergarten to 12th grade.
It is a life changer.

Taliah Nathanson, Educator, Israel

Become a certified Narrative 4 facilitator

Complete this training and start facilitating Story Exchanges in your classroom, organization, or community.

As a facilitator, you’ll be key to our Story Exchanges. You’ll lead preparation, facilitate exchanges, and guide the process. Bring the power of storytelling to your group. Become a facilitator.

What you’ll learn:
Icon About

Discover the story, mission, and
vision of Narrative 4

Icon Story Exchange

Experience the power of the
Story Exchange

Identify the essential skills of
a successful facilitator

Teach deep-listening and
intervention skills

Icon Bring N4 to Your School

Get insight and inspiration on
bringing N4 to your community

Grow as an educator, and
as a person, with these skills

  • Building SEL competencies
  • Listening deeply
  • Communicating effectively
  • Living introspectively
  • Cultivating courage and curiosity
  • Navigating challenging group dynamics

Our resources
support your growth

Our training and tools give students and teachers the skills they need to build authentic connections that last long after the Story Exchange ends. See how we’re here to support you.

  • Learning Resources

    How Observation Inspires Art

    Violinist and composer Colm Mac Con Ionmaire explores how travel inspired his latest musical project.

  • Learning Resources

    Dear Data

    Educator Tanya Lamar explains how students can use math and data visulaization to help them tell a personal story.

  • Learning Resources

    Student Voices: What Don’t You Like About School?

    For student Marissa Desir, an unexpected question became an invitiation for civic engagement.