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N4 and New York Magazine Win ASME Award

In addition to the late December 2016 cover story, we partnered with New York magazine to produce a mini-documentary on our Empathy into Action pilot project. On February 7, 2017, the video won the National Magazine Award.

Narrative 4, now entering its fifth year, has become one of the world’s most impactful writer-led educational organizations. Since our founding, writers, educators, and students have introduced our key methodology, the story exchange, to tens of thousands around the globe. We have measurably increased empathy and created a network of passionate supporters.

As we have heard time and again from our supporters, the need for Narrative 4 has never been greater. And so, Narrative 4’s core group of founding writers, students and educators launched Empathy Into Action, a series of campaigns that use our story exchanges to break open historically intractable issues.

The inaugural Empathy Into Action event – “A Narrative for Gun Awareness” – took place over three days in early December 2016. Convening both high-profile and formerly unknown figures whose lives were shaped by gun use and gun abuse. New York Magazine co-sponsored the powerful exchange and featured Narrative 4’s work in its year-end issue.

Staffed by Narrative 4’s unique helix of writers, teachers and students, the inaugural event included shared readings, trust-building exercises, and a culminating story exchange between adults and young adults on opposing sides of the issue. After an extremely moving and challenging weekend, the majority of participants plan to bring the Narrative 4 story exchange method and our “radical empathy” philosophy into their communities.

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