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Thankful for Young Leaders

Because of the spirit of young leaders…

This fall, Narrative 4 facilitated story exchanges with over 500 young leaders at three “Fall Training Days,” presented by the Obama Foundation. Participants, ages 18-24, engaged in a variety of sessions and workshops designed to equip them with the tools to create positive change in their communities.

As a lead partner alongside Facing History and Mikva Challenge, we are thankful to have been able to impact participants by helping them explore the importance of their personal stories, values and assets.

We look forward to what’s on the horizon with these amazing young change-makers and to being a part of their communities for the longterm! 

Click here to view President Obama’s surprise attendance at the Chicago training day.

The Obama Foundation’s visual representation of the Tempe Training Day.

The second of the three training days took place in Tempe, Arizona on November 11th. Held on the campus of Arizona State University, the program followed the footprint of the first training day in Chicago. Participants experienced the Story Exchange first-hand and were asked, “How can you use your personal stories to spark collective community change?”

N4 Director of Global Programs Lee Keylock (left) and N4 Advisor Charles Miles (right) introduce Boston participants to the Story Exchange. 

The last of the fall training days took place last weekend in Boston, Massachusetts where the energy hit an all-time high. Our work with these young leaders has only begun but the early results of the training days have been off the charts.  We’re so thankful for the opportunity to join the Obama Foundation and help create a more empathic society!

The way she told my story made me realize how much it has shaped me as a leader and how it could shape my future…

—Training Day Participant
Story Exchange Time!
Photo: @rayshaunagray

The Obama Foundation released an incredible two-minute video with highlights from all three days. Watch it today!