Narrative 4: Raising Gen-Z Voices!

Jahi Mackey, N4’s Southeast Regional Manager, leads an N4 Story Exchange with college students gathered for the Evers Institute’s Gen-Z Summit.

Stories about the path from despair to hope. Stories about assumptions being upended. Stories focused on inspiring change. Stories of justice, injustice, compassion. And stories of hope.

These are just a few of the sentiments shared, swapped, retold and reflected upon during N4’s participation in the Jackson, MI-based Medgar and Myrlie Evers Institute’s (MMEI) inaugural Gen-Z Summit, a special program for young people and part of the Evers Institute’s “Voices of Courage and Justice Festivities” commemorating the 60th anniversary of the assassination of Medgar Evers, the civil rights leader and activist. 

Here, Gen-Z college students from across the U.S. gathered for a week to learn about, reflect on and examine the lasting legacy of Medgar Evers, and his impact on Mississippi and the U.S. overall. N4 was there to hold space for these voices as the Gen-Zer’s took part in a life-changing N4 Story Exchange, led by Southeast Regional Manager, Jahi Mackey, who called it “my all-time favorite exchange since I’ve been with N4.” He continued, “The positivity and humor of the participants were infectious, and we felt a deep transformation of the space once participants had a chance to connect with one another through stories. Overall, the experience was a true embodiment of the community we are seeking to cultivate across the Southeast and the world.”

Students during the Gen-Z Summt’s N4 Story Exchange.
Students take part in an N4 Story Exchange as part of the Evers Institute’s Voices of Courage and Justice Gen-Z Summit.

You can read more about the Evers Institute’s commemorative events here: