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N4 Africa: Hold My Hand Mentorship Program

For N4 Africa, June began with great news to share about its positive and proactive Hold My Hand (HmH) program, a mentorship program for Africans by Africans, offering teenagers help navigating the ups and downs of adolescence. A new cohort of 15 mentors and mentees launched in Lagos, Nigeria, beginning a 6-month journey of guided mentorship, involving phone calls, virtual and in-person visits and activities. The mentors gathered in Lagos for their onboarding session, where they learned about the N4 Story Exchange, met with their mentees, took part in a Story Exchange and paired up and scheduled their first initial meetings and activities with their mentees. All the while Joseph Onokpe, N4’s Regional Manager of Nigeria, was there to field questions and offer steady guidance and mentorship of his own to this new HmH, Nigerian Cohort. We’re excited to see what transpires over the next 6 months as these mentor-mentee relationships develop and help shape teenagers’ lives, truly offering a helping hand through the complexities and joys of adolescence and beyond.

N4 Africa Hold My Hand Program Mentors.
N4 Africa Hold My Hand Program Mentees.
Mentors exchanging stories with their mentees.
Story Exchange session.
Joseph Onokpe (far left), N4 Africa’s Regional Manager, Nigeria with N4 Africa’s HMH Lagos, Nigeria Mentors and Mentees.