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N4 Africa: Awareness in Abuja   

What is it like to live with a disability or mental illness? How can we better understand someone else’s experience of the world? What might it be like to dwell, even for a while, in the experiences of others?  These are just some of the questions posed by a recent sensitization program offered by Jela’s Development Initiatives (JDI) in partnership with Narrative 4 Africa in Abuja, Nigeria. 

Throughout the program, students without disabilities learned about the challenges and mental health needs of those with disabilities. The sessions were designed to enhance understanding and foster inclusivity. Prior to the program, JDI staff and volunteers participated in an N4 Story Exchange and virtual Facilitator Training, with a special focus on inclusion and support for people with disabilities. 

The world changes when we change. 

The stories swapped and shared allowed for recognition, awareness and a strong sense of compassion for those whose everyday lives are a testament to how to thrive in the face of adversity. 

The N4 Story Exchange helping to raise disability awareness in Abuja, Nigeria.
Two participants exchanging their stories.  
Participants taking part in the N4 Story Exchange.