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N4 Mexico: 150 Young Leaders Leading the Way

150 Rotaract participants who took part in the N4 Story Exchange.

The Rotaract San Nicolas de los Garza Bicentenario in Monterrey, Mexico recently held a series of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion conferences. The Rotaract members—students 18 or older who gather together to learn from experts and hone their leadership skills—listened to speakers on topics ranging from self-acceptance to sign language. 

N4’s Story Exchange was the focus of the 4th, Rotaract DEI conference. N4 Mexico Associate Karla Monroy led a themed Story Exchange, allowing participants to share personal stories related to DEI themes.  Story Exchange prompts included reflecting on a moment that changed one’s life or a time when community mattered or when one was confronted with an aspect of one’s identity, whether it be religion, gender, age, ethnicity, etc. 

With the help of N4 facilitator Bety Aquilar and nine trained Rotaract facilitators, members had a chance to explore DEI through the lens of someone else, leading to deep connection and understanding. As participant Bárbara Jauregui noted, “Through the [Narrative 4] Story Exchange I was able to connect on an emotional level to the experiences of others, putting in practice what I’ve been hearing all morning.”

Participants during the Pair & Share.
Karla Monroy, N4 Mexico Associate leading a Story Exchange.