N4 Artists Network Director, Felice Belle’s  Viscera: “poems [that] speak into the soul”  

“Riding the ambitious spirits of Prince, Drake, and Whitman,” Felice Belle knocks our souls sideways with her debut collection, Viscera, (Etruscan Press)! 

Her poems implore us to question (“what comes up for you in the silence?”), to dream (“here is the space you filled with myth/made real because you believe”) and to remember (“memories are more precious now/they are all you have left/collect them like coins/replay the moment we met/like track #6 of sade’s greatest hits”). 

Described as “poetry for people who think they hate poetry—quirky, accessible, and pop-culture obsessed…for fans of 90 Day Fiancé and Ntozake Shange…an urban (self) love story for anyone who has ever felt like an other”, be sure to get your copy today

And check out Felice’s upcoming readings, including a very special N4 event on September 6th in NYC, hosted by N4 co-founder Colum McCann. Join us to celebrate the release of Viscera! RSVP here!