N4 @ FSU!

“The ripple effect excites me!”; “[Excited about] sharing the power of stories”; “Excited to bring people together in a deep and meaningful way”; “[Excited about] opening up people across differences.”

These are just a few of the post-it note reflections from participants who took part in the two-day, N4 Facilitator Training at Florida State University’s Center for Leadership and Service, dedicated to helping students become civic-minded leaders.  

The FSU community got a chance to experience the N4 Story Exchange on the first day, while the second day had them deeply immersed in the newly launched N4 Facilitator Training. This was an important first for N4 as it marked our first partner engagement in the state of Florida, and from the enthusiasm shown in the above post-it reflections, it seems it was an equally significant first for the FSU community! 

FSU N4 Facilitator Training with N4 Southeast Regional Manager, Jahi Mackey
FSU participants’ reflections on N4 facilitator training.
FSU participants take part in an N4 Story Exchange as part of a two-day, N4 Facilitator Training.