We Get By with Lots of Help from our Interns! 

As summer ends and we look to the new school year, we’re shouting out thanks to our N4 Interns, Ami Wallmark, Katie Stumbo, Fatou Diokhane and Aureliane Quiniou. 

From learning the value of connection and collaboration to moving out of one’s comfort zone, to 10 Years of Yes planning and Trash to Treasure program work and more, our interns delved deep into the behind-the-scenes work of N4 and we are better for it; their ideas, talents, passions and commitment help us build strong student leaders who lead with compassion. 

Read more about Ami, Katie, Fatou and Aureliane and their work with N4! 

Ami Wallmark

School: The Stockholm School of Economics (Stockholm, Sweden) 

Major: Business and Economics

N4 Departments: Marketing and Communications, Development, Learning Resources

“I worked with the marketing and social media teams. I really enjoyed getting to review marketing collateral as I love the process of editing and design. I also helped Frankie (N4 Administrative Assistant) with general planning, looking for event venues for the 10 Years of Yes event. One of my favorite projects has been working with Margaret (LaRaia, Learning Resources Director) developing educational materials for kids.” 

A key takeaway and/or favorite memory from working with N4: 

“Getting to work with other interns and the marketing team to brainstorm innovative ways to increase global engagement. I learned how to review marketing collateral, what to think about when generating educational materials for students, and so much more!” 

Katie Stumbo 

School: Morehead State University 

Major: BioMedical Sciences

N4 Departments: Global Programs 

A key takeaway and/or favorite memory from working with N4: 

“Helping with the Field Exchange. As a student that was in the first Field Exchange cohort, it was very interesting to see all the magic that goes on behind the scenes!

And I’ve learned it’s important to have an understanding and connection between people no matter what profession you are in. My internship with N4 has prepared me for the patient interactions I will have in medical school and beyond.” 

Fatou Diokhane

School: Brown University

Major: Candidate for Master’s Degree in Urban Education Policy

N4 Departments: Learning Resources and N4 Africa 

A key takeaway and/or favorite memory from working with N4: “Putting  together a Learning Resource on The Bronx. The opportunity to write about a place that has had such an impact on who I am was truly a gift. With the help of Margaret LaRaia (Learning Resources Director) I got to explore and expand my writing skills, and get out of my comfort zone; it’s a piece that I’m really proud of.

And last year, I studied abroad at Rhodes University in South Africa and I interned with N4 Africa. I spent time organizing a Story Exchange at Rhodes which allowed me to interact with and experience my host institution and country in a new and exciting way. I also got to spend some time at N4’s Trash to Treasure program in Joe Slovo, learning from N4 Program Manager, Zukiswa Allah. I’m forever grateful to have witnessed her grace and hard work and to have spent time with the community.”

Aureliane Quiniou

School: New York University 

Major: Media, Culture and Communication with a minor in Russian and Slavic Studies 

N4 Departments: Marketing and Communications (social media) 

A key takeaway or favorite memory from working with N4: “I had so much fun making reels to update the highlights on N4’s Instagram page. The idea was to create 30-second reels that explored the different branches of N4; like the Story Exchange, Learning Resources, the Artists Network and more. I was given a great amount of creative expression, and I learned how to persist and adapt.

My biggest takeaway from working at N4 is recognizing the importance of collaborative work in order to truly become a successful team! When everybody’s individual contribution is brought together, the team is more efficient, creative and inevitably will amount to greatness. It was a beautiful experience collaborating with the marketing team- a group of warm, resourceful and brilliant people from all walks of life. Thank you!”