Globally Speaking

A global discussion of peace and reconciliation with two men who lost their sisters in war. 

Narrative 4 partnered with Global Citizens Circle and the Parents Circle Families-Forum to present a virtual discussion circle, Reclaiming our Humanity: Conversations for Peace. Narrative 4 President Colum McCann moderated a powerful online conversation with Arab Aramin and Yigal Elhanan, who each lost a sister in the Palestine-Israeli conflict. These two young men are following in their fathers’ footsteps (Bassam and Rami), to show how dialogue can help us see past conflict and work towards our shared humanity.  Forum participants came from Afghanistan, Iran, Paris, Israel, Iran and dozens of other places!

Arab Aramin and Yigal Elhanan
Arab Aramin and Yigal Elhanan in discussion with N4 President Colum McCann