Get Inspired by the Power and Possibility of “Yes”: Narrative 4 Presents N4: The Story of Yes


Three letters. One word. Yet buried beneath the sublime simplicity of this single syllable is a unique and indomitable power. 

Ten years ago a group of creative thinkers founded Narrative 4 in the belief that you can motivate and cultivate creativity, compassion and change through the power of storytelling.

It was a bold idea then, and still is today. Ten years later, we still loudly and proudly proclaim: “Yes!”

Yes to life. Yes to listening. Yes to action. Yes to change.

N4: The Story of Yes is our story — and yours. For ten years we have said “yes” to the things that matter. To struggle and success, to relationships and risk-taking, and most of all, to compassion. What we call “the inconvenient yes”. The “yes” that pries us out of our cozy, coddling comfort zones, and towards an unapologetic affirmation of our shared humanity. 

N4: The Story of Yes is a free ebook that honors this spirit with personal reflections from Gabriel Byrne, Terry Tempest Williams, Marlon James, Phil Klay, Lila Azam Zanganeh and more. Discover stories from ten years of pouring hope into people around the world — and get inspired by the power of the word “Yes.”

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To become aware of stories is to recognize that all of us are filled with meaning. It is our responsibility to let other people know our stories, because it’s not just about somber telling of events, it’s very much about the joy of living too. It’s laughter, it’s happiness, it’s reflection, and it’s our common way of making sense of this world.

– Gabriel Byrne, from The Story of Yes

I will never forget my first story exchange, or observing youngsters from the Bronx, New York share stories and make connections with other youngsters from rural Kentucky, of a young black Muslim woman exchanging stories with a young white woman from the south of the United States, and watching how the walls of misperception collapsed and newer ones of understanding and love emerged.

– Ishmael Beah, from The Story of Yes