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Inspiration in Mexico

Narrative 4 Mexico launched its first full day of programming for schools with “Narrative 4 Me 2 You” in Tampico, Mexico.

Narrative 4 Mexico was thrilled to reach 180 middle school students at the Instituto Panamericano of Tampico, launching with our “Narrative 4 Me 2 You.” 

Guest speaker Sara Media started the one-day event off strong with the inspiring story of how she overcame her visual impairment to win a beauty pageant and study music in college. Sara sang for the students and even taught them to write braille! 

Next, students broke into groups to learn about art, books, dance and more. Finally, we finished the day with a showing of the Disney-Pixar film Elemental and followed it up with a group discussion on the importance of expressing your emotions in a positive way.

Students proudly showing their creations!