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Empowering Mexican Parents & Students to Stand Up to School Bullying

Middle and high school parents and students came together for a powerful workshop — “Empathic Parents, Resilient Children: Strategies to deal with school bullying and promote positive education.”

The damage caused by school bullying goes far beyond hurt feelings, and can lead to depression, anxiety, dropping out – and far worse. 

On November 30, Narrative 4 México teamed with the Colegio Anglo Alemán of Cd. Madero, Tamaulipas to present a powerful, and potentially life-saving, workshop, to parents and teens in middle school and highschool. Led by two Narrative 4 México representatives, the workshop created a space for enriching dialogue.

“Our objectives were to raise awareness about the problem and its implication in the community, to detect and  identify risky situations and to build areas of coexistenting and non-violent communication,” said Maru Castañeda, Narrative 4 Operations Manager México.

Thank you to our partner, Colegio Anglo Alemán of Cd. Madero, Tamaulipas, as well as all the student and parent participants at this event. Together, we can stand up to school bullying, and create a safe, enriching, and encouraging space for all.