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Empowering Emotions in Mexico

Narrative 4 México reached 117 middle school parents during a powerful virtual conference: “Reconociendo las emociones” (Recognizing The Emotions).

Transitioning from middle school into high school is one of the most life-changing and emotional journeys for any young person. Navigating this delicate but important time with grace and understanding can be a challenge for parents. They need a little help to succeed; we were honored to provide it.

On Wednesday, January 17, we hosted “Reconociendo las emociones” (Recognizing The Emotions) for 117 middle school parents. This virtual conference was held in Colegio Inglés Americano, in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.

Narrative 4 presenters Natalia Vázquez and Perla Zamora discussed basic emotions (sadness, fear, happiness, wonder, anger, and disgust), then took a deeper dive to offer strategies to support teenagers’ emotions, guided by Marc Bracket’s Permission to Feel.

It was a busy day, and took a lot of hard work. Based on the feedback from parents, our work was worth it. “Recognizing our own emotions as parents will help us understand and guide our children so that they recognize and name their emotions.”

Thank you to our team in México for hosting this event, and especially to the parents who participated.