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Listen: N4 Mexico Appears on Popular Podcast!

Blanco y Tinto (“White & Red”) goes “Entrando al corazón de Narrative 4,” or “Inside the heart of Narrative 4!”

From broadcast television to national newspapers, Narrative 4 is proud to tell our story wherever we go!

So we were excited when our very own Maru Castañeda, N4 Mexico Operations Manager, and Valeria Morales, N4 Mexico Communications Manager, appeared on the popular Mexican podcast Blanco y Tinto, hosted by Ali Mar Cantu. 

Castañeda and Morales were joined by Alicia Sierra from our longtime friend and partner the Universidad del Noreste in Tampico, Mexico, in an episode titled “Entrando al corazón de Narrative 4“ or “Inside the heart of Narrative 4.”

In the episode, recorded in December 2023 and airing on January 4, the group discusses N4’s methodology, the importance of everyone having a story, the perspective of young people, and of course La Historia del Sí, N4 Mexico’s largest community event in 2023!

Listen to the episode on Spotify! (episode in Spanish)