Building Community in Boise!

Narrative 4 PNW region holds Story Exchange and Facilitator training for Boise School District educators.

More than 25 Boise School District educators came together on Tuesday, February 27 to train in the techniques behind our internationally recognized core methodology, the Story Exchange. 

This one-day event brought together educators from across the spectrum, including: ELA and Content Area teachers, Counselors, Social Workers, and Instructional Coaches.

“The goal of the training is for educators to discuss how our work can be implemented in their classrooms and schools in order to build a stronger community within the district,” said Sharon Hanson, Trainer for Narrative 4.

Ninety-four percent of Story Exchange participants have been motivated to make a positive change in their lives according to independent studies from Yale University and the University of Chicago. So we’re thrilled to train future facilitators in our life-changing Story Exchange methodology!

Build a culture of inclusivity, connectedness, creativity, and compassion to your classroom, boardroom, or workplace.

Participate in a Story Exchange or learn how to become a Story Exchange Facilitator!