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N4 Ireland Continues to Shine!

Celebrating several major milestones and events across the Emerald Isle!

While the new year is young, Narrative 4 Ireland has already made numerous achievements up and down the Emerald Isle to inspire us moving forward throughout 2024! 

For starters, we’ve been super busy in Limerick! 

Students at Laurel Hill Coláiste secondary school and Corpus Christi Primary School Moyross recently held their latest of many Story Exchanges. A beautiful relationship has blossomed between these two Limerick city schools, which came together again to share stories and connect students at different stages of life!

Meanwhile, also in Limerick, we held a Story Exchange workshop on Monday, February 19 for trainee teachers using a Performance Studies module with our longtime partners, Mary Immaculate College.

Finally, on Tuesday, February 27, Narrative 4 participated at Coláiste Nano Nagle Inclusion Day in Limerick, meeting with teachers, students, and community members about our work and programs.

One-hundred kilometers south in Cork, Le Chéile Secondary School recently received the Bronze Empathy school award, signalling their commitment to fostering a culture of community and compassion among teachers and students.

“The students who went through the programme are more aware of what it means to communicate with their classmates… what it means to have strong friendships and relationship” says Ipek Balcik, a teacher at Le Chéile Secondary School.

And up northeast in the capital city of Dublin, we worked alongside the Irish Prison Education Service to train our biggest cohort of prison educators to date! This much-needed facilitator-training session, held Thursday, February 22, shines a light through prison bars by training Dublin-based prison educators to serve throughout the city.

As one of our first regions, Narrative 4 Ireland continues to prove the power of our focus on cultivating compassion, community, and creativity!