Narrative 4 Artists Network

What is the Artists Network?

The Narrative 4 Artists Network is a vast, constantly evolving network of writers, musicians and visual artists who support Narrative 4, its teachers and its students all around the world.

We believe that artists can help empower young people to become the leaders of tomorrow. It’s a way for artists to reach their core audience—and for that core audience of teachers and students to change the world.

N4 Artists Network members will revitalize classroom learning with their inspirational works and their physical or virtual presence.

They will ignite students’ passion for connecting, learning from one another and ultimately realizing that every day is a new story, lesson and landscape, with endless opportunities.

What artists do you want?

Artists who care. People who know that art and storytelling can change the world. People who want to liaise with teachers. People who want to look their audience in the eye. And, frankly, artists who might need a little bit of money and appreciation for their work.

Who is spearheading this initiative?

For now it’s Ru Freeman, Ishmael Beah, and Colum McCann along with Rob Spilliman, Lila Azam Zanganeh, Marlon James, Sting, Terry Tempest Williams, Assaf Gavron, Colm Mac Con Iomaire, Ruth Gilligan and several others. The list will expand as time goes on.