Fighting for Better Healthcare in Nigeria!

Improving pre natal healthcare and childbirth conditions for mothers in Nigeria


Campaign Goal: To build a coalition of individuals from diverse Nigerian tribes that can convene to tackle the healthcare issues.

Location Nigeria, Bronx (USA)


My Story

In Nigeria the health care system isn’t the best. This is really concerning because when someone is sick the hospital is the place for them to go to get better. There is no reason why they have to travel to multiple hospitals just to seek the care they need. This not only adds to their agony but also adds more pain to their family members as they have to watch their loved one suffer, especially if a young mother is pregnant or about to give birth. After witnessing and hearing many stories of incidents like this I decided that I want to make a positive change.

I want to make a Nigeria where everyone can receive the medical attention they require, irrespective of which hospital they go to, or their financial status. A Nigeria where it will be common to seek regular medical attention and check-ups.. A Nigeria where people will live long and healthy lives, and family members will no longer have to mourn the loss of a loved one due to a lack of appropriate medical care.

Eventually, I want to accomplish these things by building my own hospitals in Nigeria, with my own humane policies, on my own land, with my own staff. With everything under me and not under the government I can ensure that my patients will be receiving the best care, and that we will be aiding their health and treatment to the best of our ability.

My Project

I will start by building a coalition of diverse people from African tribes that want to see improvements in prenatal and childbirth care across the country. Our coalition will first meet to identify the problems and seek those people on the ground in Nigeria already doing good work to address these issues. We will then identify how we can help and how we can raise money to help bolster the work done by these individuals and organizations. As we build capital and our knowledge of the issues – we will always be looking to the future at how we can establish our own healthcare facility so that women and babies will always receive the best medical care and can thrive both mentally and physically.

How you can help

If you are able to provide financial assistance, volunteering hours, services like marketing, fundraising, social media, or any other type of assistance, please get in touch with the team at Narrative 4 via email using the subject “Oju’s Civic Engagement Project”.

Meet the team

Obianuju Obumneme-Akanem

Obianuju Obumneme-Akaneme is currently a senior at University Heights High School. Having been born and raised in the Bronx, she is originally from the country of Nigeria, a place dear to her heart. She’s working with N4 to bring better healthcare, starting with prenatal healthcare, to certain areas in Nigeria. Her hope is to provide a better quality of life for women in Nigeria, specifically mothers, and their babies.