One Creek at a Time

Save the native flora and fauna of Eastern Kentucky


Campaign Goal: to organize monthly clean up drives for community members to participate in

Location Eastern, Kentucky, USA


Our Story

Eastern Kentucky, located in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, is a treasure trove of native species of flora and fauna. The plants and animals there are a source of livelihood and recreation to many community members. However, due to a rise in littering and pollution, these natural resources (and the ecosystem that’s built around them) are threatened. There is an urgent need for community members to participate in the cleaning and restoration of natural habitats.

Our Project

This project aims to undertake the cleaning of one creek at a time through a monthly community creek clean up. To incentivize community members to participate in these drives, we propose an incentive system whereby community get raffle tickets for each drive they attend. Through these raffle tickets they could win prizes like free fishing licenses or apparel.

How you can help

We are hoping to raise US$2000 in order to finance 4 month’s worth of clean up drives. All the money donated to this project will be put towards sponsoring the raffle prizes.

Meet the team

Jace Martin

Jace Martin is a student of FCHS. He is passionate about the environment and spends a lot of his free time outdoors. Having lived in Eastern Kentucky all his life, he is eager to give back to his community.

Project Location